Industry-to-Industry: A Thank You Note to Photography

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Today in history -  year 1888 -  George Eastmen received the patent for his “roll-film” box camera which he named “Kodak”.   Hence was the birth of amateur snapshot photography.

I bear the proposition that fashion would not be where it is today without photography.

The globalization of the world and fashion today can be attributed in part to this past-time that has become so integrated into our lives.  It has become our citizen duty to point, snap and shoot the situations happening around us.  Fashion is symbol of the era and often times the object of attention.  It is because of the snapshot photography that we can live moments like Truman Capote’s 1966 Black and White Gala, or the beautiful Bianca Jagger’s white horse entrance to her 1977 30th birthday, or the 1991 Versace runway storm by model legends Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington.    

Thank you Mr. Eastmen for giving us a vehicle to create universal understanding of one another and our medium of expression- fashion.

The Flood is A'Comin'

With women’s pants getting shorter and men’s shirts getting longer it looks as though we’re about to meet somewhere in the middle.  While we have to say it has been nice to see such a stand out trend in men’s fashion, we’re a little wonky on the cropped flare for the ladies. 

There’s no doubt that women like our favorite blogger & creator of Man Repellar Leandra Medine are rocking the flood-ready britches, but what about the everyday gal?   The jury is still out for these shorties.   The long shirt seems to be making every dude look like an imitation Adam Lavine but for women there’s something a bit more awkward. We can’t really put our finger on what makes us so uncomfortable with this trend.  Is it just that we have been classical trained to keep the ankles covered around fall/ winter season? Or is this truly a fashion faux-pas that should stay a faux pas?

Regardless, we do have a few favorites from the cropped flare.





These 3.1 Phillip Llm pants have a fairly retro vibe that we could definitely get into to.  We also feel that the more subtle flare presents a more wearable, wider impact. 

flare crop pant
crop flare pant





Ostwald Helgason seems to have gotten it right as well.  Again, the subtle flare is pulling our opinion to the “fashion-do” side.   Plus – the super high-waste and the futuristic-sheen have us all in!





A classic jean with a modern twist from Valentino.  They are extremely wearable and extra versatile.

flare crop pant
long shirt trend


As we come around to the new wave of lady trousers, we will spend sometime drooling over the men-trend. 

National Underwear Day: A nod to high-wasted panties.

Underwear is so important to our daily lives.  So much so that it has it's own day.  

It's no joke - it  controls so much.  Without the right under-panties, you could be left under satisfied, fidgeting restlessly in your seat for hours.  It's time to let comfort take hold of trend.   On this national day of the undies, we are excited to declare our approval of the high wasted panty!  

These full covered briefs are forging a resurgence thanks to popular indie brands updating the age-old style.  Being the "butt" of many jokes in more recent history,  wearing these high-comfort, high-wasted undergarments packs an IDGAF punch.  With the ever-popular thong on the decline, it seems that ladies are ready to dress for themselves - from the inside out!


Free People's "Daisy Panel Hi Rise Undie"

Free People's "Daisy Panel Hi Rise Undie"

American Apparel's "Micro Mesh Nylon Briefs"

American Apparel's "Micro Mesh Nylon Briefs"

Innovative Twist on Vintage Inspiration

What do you get when you combine innovative imagery with impeccable design, exquisite styling and a little bit of desert-scape?  Stitch Factory collective genius.  

The combined efforts of the Stitch Factory community of photographers, designers, models, students and stylists created an excellent showcase of the Bombora Bombora brand's swimwear collection.   Designer, Bridget Dickey, is one of our very own at Stitch Factory.  Her swimwear line puts a modern twist on vintage designs - creating a beautifully flattering suit.  Aristova Vision captures the classic in an original way with cinemagraphs.  

Design by  Bombora Bombora (Bridget Dickey, Stitch Factory production specialist)
Cinematography by Aristova Vision (Anna Aristova, Stitch Factory Member) 
Styles by Jen Taler (Stitch Factory Co-Founder) 
Models:  Katie Hollingsworth (Stitch Factory Student)  & Leigha Bowser (Stitch Factory Team Member) 
Hair by Sierra La'Treece
Makeup by Sue Pyne 


The ESPYs: A History Lesson in Fashion

The 2015 ESPYS Awards are sure to make history tonight.  With Caitlyn Jenner accepting the Arthur Ashe Courage Award - this truly marks an age of understanding and acceptance in our society.  Her story has such an immense and positive impact on inspiring a courageous generation.   While Caitlyn is an inspiration for social shift, it will also be interesting to watch how she evolves as a fashion icon.   She has already been featured on the cover of Vanity Fair and is part of notable fashion family - the Kardashians.  We are expecting nothing less than gorgeous on the red carpet at the ESPY awards tonight! 

 As we await the red carpet of tonight's ESPY awards, we take a look back to our favorite ESPY's looks of years past.  Check out some of our favs including Kerry Washinton, Jamie Pressly, Olivia Wilde and - in honor of our BBQ, BREWS & BOWTIES tomorrow night - our favorite guy's-wear Kevin Durant! 

Kerry Washington ESPY Awards

Kerry Washington ESPY Awards

Olivia Wilde ESPY Awards

Olivia Wilde ESPY Awards

Jamie Pressly ESPY Awards

Jamie Pressly ESPY Awards

Kevin Durant ESPY Awards

Kevin Durant ESPY Awards



SO - what does it mean to be "non-traditional" and what's so great about it? At Stitch Factory, we offer "non-traditional" education.  To us, this means that you can learn fashion in an on-trend and interesting way.  Our class projects allow students to make unique and wearable creations that fit their interest.  "Non-traditional" also means learning exactly what you need to know in a timeframe that works for you. We believe in our "non-traditional" style of educating.  It is direct, it makes sense and it allows for a real result that can translate directly into a career.  

Being "non-traditional" allows for an exciting amount of creative freedom - and some pretty amazing creations.  We're showcasing some of the Stitch Factory Student creation right here - for your viewing pleasure.  To create your own - jump into our 9-week Introduction to Fashion Design Course. 


Let the Kids Play a Different Way

As we enter the middle of summer we are left reminiscing about those cooler, slightly more bearable days earlier in the year. It is starting to become more difficult to be outside, leaving us a little stir crazy indoors.  It’s about this time that the kids start missing the daily dose of friends and activities they get with the school year.

Kids Camp
Kids Camp

Kid’s Camps are the perfect way to keep your child occupied in the depths of summer.  Now-a-days there are so many options for summer camps.  Kids seem to have an unlimited amount of possibilities with stay-away camp, soccer camp, baseball camp, dance camp, science camp, geology camp, etc, etc.  It’s extremely exciting - and a little overwhelming!  

There are a few key things to look for when trying to pick the perfect camp for your child.  The first is obvious - pick something that interests them.  Sure, it’s great to encourage them to try something new - but forcing them to do something they will be absolutely miserable doing could just lead to a lifetime of distaste for that subject.  Other than finding something appropriate for their interest, find something that will instill a sense of creative freedom in your child.  It is important to introduce children to new things and new ideas while they are still learning and growing.  A camp that lets them create something allows them to explore talents they may not know about yet.

At Stitch Factory, we encourage imagination to run wild!  Kids have amazing imaginations - giving them the ability to create so much.  As a creative space, we want to encourage a community of people to imagine, to create and to explore their passions.  We love our Kid’s Camp - it’s the perfect way to inspire people who are still learning their passions and exploring the world.  We have the best time working with kids and love that we can teach them about something new - the skills it takes to be a fashion designer!  Each child gets to go home with a project specially created by them.  Not only that, they take home a lifelong skill (sewing!).  Even if they don’t grow up to be a fashion designer, they will forever have the ability to make something unique.  

Keep your kid’s growing & creating this summer!  Check out our Kid’s Camp - starting again next Monday July 13th 2015, right here at Stitch Factory.  

Made in America

The Fourth is here and it is time to celebrate our great nation!  What better way to give love to the red, white and blue than to acknowledge the lifeblood of our country: the businesses that imagine here, make here and empower here.  There are some fashion brands keeping America looking good through their “American Made” DNA.  

JULY 4th 2015, we declare our favorite American Made Brands to be the following:

Alex and Ani


The curated jewelry collections from Alex and Ani are definitely one-of-kind.  We can’t help but to obsess over the mix-n-match bangles that keep us sitting pretty.  Not only are their original designs made in America, but they are also crafted with love in mind. Alex and Ani is a brand that spreads positive energy around the world through their message of love and through their Charity by Design.  We are lovin’ their nod to America with these 4th of July ready pieces!

The beautiful Anna Bee Jewelry lives right here at Stitch Factory - and believe us, we know how lucky we are!  The brand is made of some of the sweetest stuff you can find - a husband, a wife, an awesome dog, and an adorable daughter that all work together (well -  their daughter and dog don’t necessarily “work”, but we do get to see them a lot!) to build the most genuine of brands.   Creating jewelry has always been a passion for Anna Bee, and she does it beautifully! Created right here in Las Vegas, this brand is the essence of American Made.


A brand that puts so much care, thought and detail into each piece they design definitely deserves a shoutout! Baldwin Denim focuses on functional design, quality textiles and the USA.  They pride themselves on the fact that their clothing is manufactured in America. Their collections are beautifully crafted staple pieces in any wardrobe.  While their summer denim is pretty amazing, we must admit we cannot wait until things cool off a little bit so we can start rocking that Winter 2015 collection!

A simplistic brand with a distinct style.  Imogene + Willie puts off the most wonderful classic vibe & we honestly can’t get enough.  Not only are their collections beautiful, but they are the sweetest kind of American Made - the brand is built around Matt & Carrie’s love & lessons from their grandparents.  If you haven’t read their story - you must! It’s gives you that nostalgic feeling of home-cooking and hard-learned lessons.  Try it out : Here 


Our last and final brand is one that has graced the production tables of Stitch Factory! No Strings Attached crafts gorgeous bikinis that are reminiscent of iconic beauty’s like Bridget Bardot, Ursala Andress, Raquel Welch, and Jane Mansfield!  Each piece is handmade - creating an uber unique swimsuit.   The brand’s focus on confidence is what we love about it! (And the fact that each suit is made right here at home! )

Falling in Love with the Boys of Paris

The streets of Paris had us gawking just as much as the streets of Milan last week. That is not to say it was for the same reason.  Maybe it was the gloomy weather, or the straight-face shots captured in the album we were looking through - but there seemed to be a more intense, rocker-goes-islander vibe going on in the streets of Paris for Men’s Fashion Week.  We love this WWD album (seen here) album from behind the scenes, showcasing a story in every photo.  It seems everyone has something to say- and they do so perfectly in what-they-wore. You just can’t help but to wish you were there.

On the runway was just as pleasing as off.  Here are some discussion-worthy designs of Men’s Fashion Week 2015 in Paris!



Chalayan flawless combines two art forms.  The simply designed men’s shirts could be considered canvases for the cartoon-like patterns they display.  With the color pops, we get to see the fun side of serious!

Oh, the throwback!  The repurposing of some designs, reminiscent of the great decades of the 70s and 80s, have us highly entertained.  Scrolling through Undercover’s looks feels like watching a Wes Anderson film - leaving us feeling hip enough to be a part of the culture that is being created as we watch.  Undercover’s line is great for any guy to rock, but unique enough to keep him from fitting in.


Saint Laurent

From a day of surfing to a west-coast record store and finally to the Paris runway, these boys get to rock some of the coolest designs in Men’s Fashion Week.  Saint Laurent seems to understand the young modern-day rebel with the grunge jackets and fitted jeans, topped off with the Kurt Kobain-esque shades.  We cannot wait to see the influence this collection will have this year.

With all of the Men’s Fashion going on in the world - we can’t help but to get in on the action ourselves.  Check out our Men’s styling workshop - BBQ, Brews & Bowties with Professional Men’s Stylist - Brian Swan! 

Oh! the Androgyny (a Closer Look at Milan Men's FW)

Pushing men’s fashion forward was the direction of Milan Men’s Fashion Week!  It brought us a new take on street-style with Dsquared2’s slouchy, rebellious, surfer-inspired looks.  It showed us a new normal with Carven’s school-boy inspired suits.  It introduced us to some exciting new models like Jeon June and Lil Chen! It made us question what we already know about fashion shows with Pringle of Scotland’s dance-performance, presentation of their collection.   But most of all - it drew our eyes off of just the runway.  

Tommy Ton captures the quirky, unique and beautiful fashion of the Milan show’s guests.  From baggy to structured, and from loud patterns to single color outfits, self-expression and artistry are clearly key components in “ready-to-wear”!  As we addictively binge on Tommy’s slideshow of off-runway style, we can’t help but to notice the androgyny! While no new concept, becoming popular in the mid-70s with Annie Hall, there certainly seems to be a revival of the girl/guy crossover.  Sport-inspired, couple-matching, and biker-worthy leather looks were driving the androgyny wild with variety!  Here are some of our favorites!

Check out the rest of Milan’s street style here.


EDCLV 2015 #MadeIt

You made it through the clusters of traffic, survived the raging desert heat, found yourself in a crowd of electronic sound waves and now, back again into the “real” world.   It’s time to settle in and look back on the photos that will let us re-live EDC 2015 into eternity.   

Photo by Camell Page

Photo by Camell Page

Photo by Camell Page

Photo by Camell Page

After our DIY taught us how to make clothes light up,  we held a kickoff party to showcase the mad skills of some EDC professionals! 

Founder of Illuminated Couture,  Ronnie Brust’s trunk show was definitely a treat - showing us that there isn’t really any limitation to what you can light up.  Blowout Dollhouse wow-ed us with the brilliant transformation that can happen with a little UV Makeup and electric hair pieces.  ICJUK brand stopped in to show us how to turn those Coachella flower crowns into EDC-worthy, light-up head pieces. Music by Dana Dau kept the night alive until the Downtown Podcast took over the space, introducing us to Hippo-Tees owner Jeffrey Axelrod and astronaut, Ken Ham. 

 All the while our production team was hard at work getting die-hard EDC-er, Heidy, ready for her favorite weekend.  Our team was able to create these amazing designs so Heidy and friends were sure to impress.  

It sure is a great excuse to get a little wacky. Until next year, EDC!