Falling in Love with the Boys of Paris

The streets of Paris had us gawking just as much as the streets of Milan last week. That is not to say it was for the same reason.  Maybe it was the gloomy weather, or the straight-face shots captured in the album we were looking through - but there seemed to be a more intense, rocker-goes-islander vibe going on in the streets of Paris for Men’s Fashion Week.  We love this WWD album (seen here) album from behind the scenes, showcasing a story in every photo.  It seems everyone has something to say- and they do so perfectly in what-they-wore. You just can’t help but to wish you were there.

On the runway was just as pleasing as off.  Here are some discussion-worthy designs of Men’s Fashion Week 2015 in Paris!



Chalayan flawless combines two art forms.  The simply designed men’s shirts could be considered canvases for the cartoon-like patterns they display.  With the color pops, we get to see the fun side of serious!

Oh, the throwback!  The repurposing of some designs, reminiscent of the great decades of the 70s and 80s, have us highly entertained.  Scrolling through Undercover’s looks feels like watching a Wes Anderson film - leaving us feeling hip enough to be a part of the culture that is being created as we watch.  Undercover’s line is great for any guy to rock, but unique enough to keep him from fitting in.


Saint Laurent

From a day of surfing to a west-coast record store and finally to the Paris runway, these boys get to rock some of the coolest designs in Men’s Fashion Week.  Saint Laurent seems to understand the young modern-day rebel with the grunge jackets and fitted jeans, topped off with the Kurt Kobain-esque shades.  We cannot wait to see the influence this collection will have this year.

With all of the Men’s Fashion going on in the world - we can’t help but to get in on the action ourselves.  Check out our Men’s styling workshop - BBQ, Brews & Bowties with Professional Men’s Stylist - Brian Swan!