Made in America

The Fourth is here and it is time to celebrate our great nation!  What better way to give love to the red, white and blue than to acknowledge the lifeblood of our country: the businesses that imagine here, make here and empower here.  There are some fashion brands keeping America looking good through their “American Made” DNA.  

JULY 4th 2015, we declare our favorite American Made Brands to be the following:

Alex and Ani


The curated jewelry collections from Alex and Ani are definitely one-of-kind.  We can’t help but to obsess over the mix-n-match bangles that keep us sitting pretty.  Not only are their original designs made in America, but they are also crafted with love in mind. Alex and Ani is a brand that spreads positive energy around the world through their message of love and through their Charity by Design.  We are lovin’ their nod to America with these 4th of July ready pieces!

The beautiful Anna Bee Jewelry lives right here at Stitch Factory - and believe us, we know how lucky we are!  The brand is made of some of the sweetest stuff you can find - a husband, a wife, an awesome dog, and an adorable daughter that all work together (well -  their daughter and dog don’t necessarily “work”, but we do get to see them a lot!) to build the most genuine of brands.   Creating jewelry has always been a passion for Anna Bee, and she does it beautifully! Created right here in Las Vegas, this brand is the essence of American Made.


A brand that puts so much care, thought and detail into each piece they design definitely deserves a shoutout! Baldwin Denim focuses on functional design, quality textiles and the USA.  They pride themselves on the fact that their clothing is manufactured in America. Their collections are beautifully crafted staple pieces in any wardrobe.  While their summer denim is pretty amazing, we must admit we cannot wait until things cool off a little bit so we can start rocking that Winter 2015 collection!

A simplistic brand with a distinct style.  Imogene + Willie puts off the most wonderful classic vibe & we honestly can’t get enough.  Not only are their collections beautiful, but they are the sweetest kind of American Made - the brand is built around Matt & Carrie’s love & lessons from their grandparents.  If you haven’t read their story - you must! It’s gives you that nostalgic feeling of home-cooking and hard-learned lessons.  Try it out : Here 


Our last and final brand is one that has graced the production tables of Stitch Factory! No Strings Attached crafts gorgeous bikinis that are reminiscent of iconic beauty’s like Bridget Bardot, Ursala Andress, Raquel Welch, and Jane Mansfield!  Each piece is handmade - creating an uber unique swimsuit.   The brand’s focus on confidence is what we love about it! (And the fact that each suit is made right here at home! )