Innovative Twist on Vintage Inspiration

What do you get when you combine innovative imagery with impeccable design, exquisite styling and a little bit of desert-scape?  Stitch Factory collective genius.  

The combined efforts of the Stitch Factory community of photographers, designers, models, students and stylists created an excellent showcase of the Bombora Bombora brand's swimwear collection.   Designer, Bridget Dickey, is one of our very own at Stitch Factory.  Her swimwear line puts a modern twist on vintage designs - creating a beautifully flattering suit.  Aristova Vision captures the classic in an original way with cinemagraphs.  

Design by  Bombora Bombora (Bridget Dickey, Stitch Factory production specialist)
Cinematography by Aristova Vision (Anna Aristova, Stitch Factory Member) 
Styles by Jen Taler (Stitch Factory Co-Founder) 
Models:  Katie Hollingsworth (Stitch Factory Student)  & Leigha Bowser (Stitch Factory Team Member) 
Hair by Sierra La'Treece
Makeup by Sue Pyne