Let the Kids Play a Different Way

As we enter the middle of summer we are left reminiscing about those cooler, slightly more bearable days earlier in the year. It is starting to become more difficult to be outside, leaving us a little stir crazy indoors.  It’s about this time that the kids start missing the daily dose of friends and activities they get with the school year.

Kids Camp
Kids Camp

Kid’s Camps are the perfect way to keep your child occupied in the depths of summer.  Now-a-days there are so many options for summer camps.  Kids seem to have an unlimited amount of possibilities with stay-away camp, soccer camp, baseball camp, dance camp, science camp, geology camp, etc, etc.  It’s extremely exciting - and a little overwhelming!  

There are a few key things to look for when trying to pick the perfect camp for your child.  The first is obvious - pick something that interests them.  Sure, it’s great to encourage them to try something new - but forcing them to do something they will be absolutely miserable doing could just lead to a lifetime of distaste for that subject.  Other than finding something appropriate for their interest, find something that will instill a sense of creative freedom in your child.  It is important to introduce children to new things and new ideas while they are still learning and growing.  A camp that lets them create something allows them to explore talents they may not know about yet.

At Stitch Factory, we encourage imagination to run wild!  Kids have amazing imaginations - giving them the ability to create so much.  As a creative space, we want to encourage a community of people to imagine, to create and to explore their passions.  We love our Kid’s Camp - it’s the perfect way to inspire people who are still learning their passions and exploring the world.  We have the best time working with kids and love that we can teach them about something new - the skills it takes to be a fashion designer!  Each child gets to go home with a project specially created by them.  Not only that, they take home a lifelong skill (sewing!).  Even if they don’t grow up to be a fashion designer, they will forever have the ability to make something unique.  

Keep your kid’s growing & creating this summer!  Check out our Kid’s Camp - starting again next Monday July 13th 2015, right here at Stitch Factory.