SO - what does it mean to be "non-traditional" and what's so great about it? At Stitch Factory, we offer "non-traditional" education.  To us, this means that you can learn fashion in an on-trend and interesting way.  Our class projects allow students to make unique and wearable creations that fit their interest.  "Non-traditional" also means learning exactly what you need to know in a timeframe that works for you. We believe in our "non-traditional" style of educating.  It is direct, it makes sense and it allows for a real result that can translate directly into a career.  

Being "non-traditional" allows for an exciting amount of creative freedom - and some pretty amazing creations.  We're showcasing some of the Stitch Factory Student creation right here - for your viewing pleasure.  To create your own - jump into our 9-week Introduction to Fashion Design Course.