The Flood is A'Comin'

With women’s pants getting shorter and men’s shirts getting longer it looks as though we’re about to meet somewhere in the middle.  While we have to say it has been nice to see such a stand out trend in men’s fashion, we’re a little wonky on the cropped flare for the ladies. 

There’s no doubt that women like our favorite blogger & creator of Man Repellar Leandra Medine are rocking the flood-ready britches, but what about the everyday gal?   The jury is still out for these shorties.   The long shirt seems to be making every dude look like an imitation Adam Lavine but for women there’s something a bit more awkward. We can’t really put our finger on what makes us so uncomfortable with this trend.  Is it just that we have been classical trained to keep the ankles covered around fall/ winter season? Or is this truly a fashion faux-pas that should stay a faux pas?

Regardless, we do have a few favorites from the cropped flare.





These 3.1 Phillip Llm pants have a fairly retro vibe that we could definitely get into to.  We also feel that the more subtle flare presents a more wearable, wider impact. 

flare crop pant
crop flare pant





Ostwald Helgason seems to have gotten it right as well.  Again, the subtle flare is pulling our opinion to the “fashion-do” side.   Plus – the super high-waste and the futuristic-sheen have us all in!





A classic jean with a modern twist from Valentino.  They are extremely wearable and extra versatile.

flare crop pant
long shirt trend


As we come around to the new wave of lady trousers, we will spend sometime drooling over the men-trend.