What does stitch factory do?

We provide custom branded merchandise for companies or individuals looking to either start a fashion line or to create relevant lifestyle collections in place of the everyday promotional product. 

How does it work?

First, we meet with you to discuss your brand and your needs.  Then, we put together some custom ideas for you.  You pick what you like and place the order.  

Do you Grapics Design Work?

Yes!  Please call 702-476-5552 to let us know what you are looking for so we can get you the best pricing!

Does Stitch Factory manufacture in the USA?

We no longer do in-house manufacturing, but we have many partners that are USA based!  Just let us know that is what you are looking for and we can make sure your brand is made here.  

Any Other Questions?

Feel free to email or give us a call at or 702-476-5552.  

We can't wait to TALK TO YOU SOON!